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MERSAL is a subsidiary company of Al-Shorafa Group specialized in logistic services and distribution.It has 25 years experience acquired by working for DHL Express in which it has captured the importance of communication, privacy, dedication, and accuracy.


MERSAL owns an effective system of mail and package distribution; promoting services and products for clients from both private and public sectors. Mersal applies the new advanced technologies, carefully recruits and trains selected human resources committed to quality standards.


MERSAL is the first and largest company in the logistic services sector by having 200,000 different addresses in its database. It is the exclusive mail distributor for government agencies, Paltel, and Jawwal.


MERSAL employs 80 postmen and 21 staff member working in five stations to cover all the Gaza strip.


MERSAL Objectives

- Establish innovative distribution services to serve all sectors.


- Enable all sectors to practice an effective communication process.


- Provide suitable services for individuals and corporations.


- Re-establish confidence and contribute to logistics sector development.


- Provide new job opportunities.

Mersal Mission

Our mission is to provide integral innovative distribution services to

serve all sectors, and to assure the quality and efficiency of service delivery in a competitive price.


Mersal Vision

Our vision is to become the leading logistics company in Palestine.

Work Team